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Hi all, I know I haven't posted any new art in a while.. I'm actually still working on the album artwork commission.. It's taking up the majority of my time these days but It'll be done by early June..

I've also got a little something going on the side.. Rockstar Games are currently working on Red Dead Redemtion, a wild-west game.. It's going to be so awesome! Like GTA only western 1900s :D

So i'm going to do something on that :D it might be a while till you guys see it though.. maybe a few more weeks!

Anyways just letting everyone know whats happening ;) I'm also sooo keen for the GTA IV dowloadable episode! Still to be announced! You'll definetly see a pic on that :D

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Ahh I've been finding it hard to get the time to do any pics! The only computer I use for everything is my work computer, so when I've got some free time here at work I do my art..

But these days my job title has been changed from Designer, to designer/scanner... I've been given almost double the amount of work so it's a bit hard to find time.. I KNOW, I KNOW.. I'm getting payed to design the Newspaper, not my art! But I'm just worried I'm going to loose the things I love the most with this change... I loved coming to work.. now it's not the same..

Ah well, I'm sure it'll work out!

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I was so excited to hear that actor Jason Statham (Death Race, the Transporter) had seen my artwork I made of him as The Transporter!!!

Apparently he liked it, Haha how cool would that be to get a signed copy.. Ah well! Thought I'd let you guys know, sorry but I'm just stoked to hear that haha ;)

Also, more good news.. The hip-hop company G Unit (same guys who handle 50cent) want me to work for them, doing artwork for album covers and website design.. And I think a game :D

I'm so pumped, It's not official yet, I'm just waiting to hear back from them about some questions I asked, before agreeing to it..

Anyways wish me luck, I might need it :D
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Ok just letting you guys know that I've deleted my last deviation of Chinatown Wars, because I had problems with the last.. But I've re-submitted a new one to try and fix it..

So for those of you who've faved it before, you might have to fave it again because of this... But thanx to everybody for the comments and your more than welcome to leave a little something there for me ;)

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Can anyone help me?

I don't know if I'm being paranoid but I submitted my latest piece of Chinatown Wars last night.. And when I came in today it was like as if no one got the notice of my submission.

I think only people can see the art if they happen to come across my gallery..

Does anyone know how to fix this? I think it's something to do with the options in the artwork submission settings..

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Ok so I've started my new pic on GTA: Chinatown Wars..

I'm just so pumped about this I can't wait to tell you all about it.. Plus I'm bored and about to go home!

It's going to have alot of perspective! Huang Lee will be standing in the middle of an intersection somewhere in Chinatown, I'll have an explosion behind him and a whole heap of police cars parked around Huang. While  all the police are aiming there guns - shivering behind cover.. A couple of police will be closing on on him..

Basically Huang will be facing us holding his guns while chaos happens behind him.. Kinda went for the hardcore angle! LIKE 6 STARS :D

Already got Huang drawn, I'll start the background tomorrow ;)

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Just thought I'd show you all this cool site:

It's pretty good for a bit of fun, check it out :D

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Yep, I'm considering it!

I just got a comment from a fan asking if I was gonna do a pic on this game! I never really thought about doing one, BUT NOW! I'm pumped..

I'll come up with something different than ever before I think..
I haven't actually played GTA: Chinatown Wars (the only GTA I haven't played ;) ) but I might even lash out to get a DS just to get this game.. Looks pretty cool for a DS game.. I mean COME ON.. IT'S GRAND THEFT AUTO :D

Has anyone got any great ideas to boost my motivation?
Since I've never played it I don't actually know much about it, It might help having someone who's played it to tell me what they'd like to see in an image :D

Any ideas for a scene would be great..

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I'm about to start sketching Johnny Klebitz (the main character of this game)...
BUT before I do I'd love to hear what you guys would like me to come up with..

I was thinking of drawing Johnny on his bike (Hexer), with a baseball bat, taking a violent swing at another rider.. This will be based on the 'street races' from the game.. DAMN I LOVE WHACKING BIKERS OF THIER BIKES!

There are so many options to come up with;
- Street shootout
- Gang war
- Arm wrestling
- Cruising with the gang
- Biker clubhouse scene
- Shooting down a chopper
but just so you know I really want to focus on Johnny because it's like a 'Character Introduction'.. So I don't really want a distant pic.

What would YOU like to see in this pic? :iconoo-plz: I'm stumped!
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Just letting you guys know I'm still here!

I haven't been slack or anything, I've just been on 'work holidays'.. And since the only computer I use is my work computer I couldn't do much haha!

I really need to get a computer at home! I think I'll start saving, then I'll get the net and play GTA IV online with you guys :D HELL YEAH!

Anyways I'm back now, had a great holiday! I'm about to start working on my sisters wedding piece.. Then I'll probably start doing a pic of The Lost and Damned! I'm picturing a pic of Johnny Klebitz on his kick-ass motorbike with a baseball bat :D Like he does in the races (for those who've played the game)..

Keep an eye out for me ;)
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My sister Bernadette is getting married in December, so she's asked me to make a big portrait picture just like this one I did a while ago of me and my girlfriend..…

I'll make the pose a little different and maybe the scene, but this should be interesting :D They're going to get it made into a flyer/brochure that will have all the information about the wedding on the back ;) Basically it's an wedding invite that will be past on to our friends and family..

Anyways just giving you guys a heads up about what will be coming..
I think after that I will do a massive pic based on GTA: Lost And The Damned :D
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Hi I just couldn't help but let everyone know my next big plan..

I thinking of doing another Grand Theft Auto piece with all the main characters from each GTA release.. You might remember the old one I did..…

The new one will have these extra two new characters:
- Johny Klebitz - GTA IV: The Lost and the Damned
- Huang Lee - GTA: Chinatown Wars

And of course all the other main characters!

All I'm trying to do now is come up with how the scene will look.. I've done the Poker game scene.. So I might even just go with a street scene, maybe like a movie poster, kind of like Left 4 Dead did with their game posters..

BUT I'm open for suggestions...
Any ideas?
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I BACK! And I feel as good as ever!

I've got a 4-page PS3 Magazine article to work with.. And some work for so I'm pretty much all set with artwork for a while!

After that I'm really keen to work on some fresh artwork! Maybe something like a Movie Poster of me and my friends surrounded by Zombies :D

Anyways, Just letting you guys know I'm back from my holidays and keen as mustard!
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Haha check this out, One of my legendary watchers has done a cool little character of me with his mates :D

Here it is..…

Thanx to Alienhominid2000…
Your a champion..
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Hey just letting you guys know I'm keen again.. I'm feeling good and I'm ready for more artwork :D

I'm currently doin something a bit different, It's a Dark/Angel chick (no not the Jessica Alba series) haha.. After seeing Max Payne I really wanted to do something like the creatures in the movie.. I loved the MASSIVE wings and dark/gothic feel to it ;)

We'll see how I go..
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For some reason I think I need to have a little bit more of a break.. Yes I know I haven't posted anything for a while until yesterday haha..

I'm really out of motivation for some reason, and I really don't feel like doing artwork at all.. Which is really weird.

I think it's just because I don't have any ideas to draw, I was thinking about Heroes (the series) but I couldn't do anything that I would enjoy..

I'm starting to think it's because I'm getting sick of doing the same old thing in every pic I do, like people posing.. I need to do something I've never done before..

We'll see how I go hey ;)

:bulletblue: :bulletblue: :bulletblue: :bulletblue: :bulletblue: :bulletblue:
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Just thought I'd let you guys know what i'll be working on next..

It'll either be something on Supernatural (series) or Saints Row 2 :D Or maybe I'll do something on one of the movies I'm looking forward to seeing ;)

It's a bit fuzzy at the moment but as soon as they know what I'm doing I'll smash it onto paper with pencil then slam it on to Photoshop and do my thing..

I'll be on a little Holiday for the next two weeks so you won't see anything till after that, Damn I can't wait to start my trek to Sydney :D I'll be there for a week so i'll try and soak up some sun and sights. Haha lets hope this time I come back with at least a little bit of money so I can eat haha..

Anyways feel free to let me know what you'd love to see in my gallery ;)

Take care
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Just trying out a new style..

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 26, 2008, 5:35 AM
Keeps me occupied haha!

   Hey everyone, just thought i'd try out a new style for my journal..

I really wanted to go with something real similar to the colours of DevianART coz I eventually realized it looked real bad having that bright red with the colour scheme of DeviantART.. Didn't match at all..

Anyway let me know what you think!

Oh and by the way, YOU GOTTA CHECK THIS OUT;

Take Back Liberty by BobbyBaxter

It's my good mate Bobby's GTA IV fan art. I LOVE THE HELL OUTTA THAT! So fave it, love it and WATCH him coz no doubt he'll be doin more like that :D

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Fan art of me? WOOHOOO!!!

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 12, 2008, 4:17 AM
Check this out...

'mottenfest' from the US has decided to create some fan art of me and him taking over GTA :D

This is soo cool you gotta check it out;

I just wanna say thanx mate, your a champ.. And I'm glad I could be such an inspiration to you, and anyone else..

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Thanx to everyone for ideas..

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 31, 2008, 6:02 AM
I'm all set haha!!!

Lately I've just been swarmed by heaps of inspiration.. And a lot of new ideas from heaps of people here on DeviantART :D

I'm going to be making a few new pictures through the next few weeks. I'm gonna do one of Solid Snake coz I recently bought Metal Gear Solid 4 AND LOVED IT!!!! Plus I wanna do a pic of Rambo coz I loved the new movie :D especially on Blue Ray!

And expect to see A LOT MORE pics after that..

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