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November 10, 2009
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Fallout 3: Virtue to Vice by PatrickBrown Fallout 3: Virtue to Vice by PatrickBrown
Damn it's been a while since I've uploaded something haha!

This has taken me some time to finish, mainly because I was on holidays for a bit and some other things happened.. But here it is ;)

I've been playing Fallout 3 again, it's the Game Of The Year edition with the extra content :D I haven't made it to the good stuff yet, haha I had to start from scratch ALL OVER AGAIN!!!

This was so enjoyable to draw, The Behemoth and Deathclaw are something different than I'm used to ;) Also you'll notice the Raiders to the right, one with her head spiked to the post :D Damn I love the Railway Rifle, best gun! The weapons I've put in here are usually my favorites in the game, Only I left out the Ol' Painless!

You'll also notice a few little suprises :woohoo:
Enjoy, and please let me know what you think..

Program: Photoshop CS3
Tools: Pencil, Paper, Computer, Graphics Tablet

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This is an awesome piece of work! I love all of the little details you included: the VaultTec Bobblehead, the RadAway, Stimpak, Nuka-Cola Quantum, and the first aid kit... Also, the random raider flying up in the air in the background made me laugh! I particularly love the Super Mutant Behemoth and the way you drew your Vaultie.

A couple of little nitpicks that someone else probably pointed out before, but that I agree with: the flames on the Lone Wanderer's Shishkebab should be casting light on his jumpsuit and on the other nearby objects (the bobblehead and the first aid kit), and he should be wearing an oven mitt on the hand holding it, which is how it's wielded in the game. (You'd have to imagine that the thing is pretty hot to the touch, yeah?)

On the whole though, this is a great piece of work! Keep it up!
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Like usual you´ve hitted the right spot. The angle is chosen perfect. The perspective sucks you into the happening. And all the small things like the shine of the clouds that gives the whole image the depth through blind spots justmake this piece outstanding. You have thought of so many details in here that it is fun to look at it, and this can take many minutes.

I feel bad saying that the behemoths arm looks a bit wrong (also the fist looks too soft. he should make a very strong fist, this would make it look more powerful and aggressive), but this is something that you only notice when you search for something to say. Also the fire isnt really fire-ish, its more like electricity. The flames could look rounder, more organic. But that also doesnt matter, really. This here just has to look like a critique, but in the end its a big compliment :)

for any language thats wrong here i am sorry, but english isnt my native language :)
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this pic just ave me woody........thats how good it is
frost-of-fire Jan 24, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
first monster i met: deathclaw.... straight outta the vualt looking for chinese sword... yah...
it has everything "fallouty" :)
will you make a female version too? :D
WHOA! How epic is that!! XDD
equilibrik Dec 26, 2009  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
OMG this is so epically thought out and well done, I have to say im impressed as always by your art, Everything fits so well from the dirt and blood on 101 to the flame effects on the Shishkebab, And the Palsma Rifle and Pip Boy details as well as how he holds the shotgun make him look more badass than ever before ^^.

I love how much is going on in this as well the way the Dead Raider looks indicates 101 killed him and the other Raider in the backround is a nice touch giving chase n all and the flying Raider was probably sent up by the Behemoth yes?, also I see you've added in various other odds n ends from the game such as two Nuka Cola Quantums if im not mistaken as well as various health items and a Bobblehead.

The Look you've given the Behemoth and Deathclaw is Brilliant the claws on the Deathclaw look alot better than in game and the way it's modelled is excellent and very reminiscent and loyal to the in game ones. The Behemoth looks an awful lot like the one from Evergreen Mills but it still looks Kickass as does it's death and those of the Deathclaw.

Also totally missed the Raider head the first time but now I see it, it feels like it belongs there, The Railway rifle is also one of my favourite weapons so TY for including a reference to it ^^. Also I couldnt tell right away but I think thats a sniper rifle as well on your Characters back looks really good as well If they ever release a Fallout artbook they should hire you to illustrate it ^^.
ZeroWaves Dec 16, 2009
fanfuckingtastic except the pip boy is on the wrong arm mate
:o you forgot to put a glove on the hand holding the shishkebab! His hand will burn!
Good stuff. Railway rifle for life!
wow, stunning quality work man!
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