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April 27, 2010
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Darkness Within Her by PatrickBrown Darkness Within Her by PatrickBrown
Some original art for a change ;)

This is a concept of mine for a comic I've been thinking of creating for a long time. I've got the whole story planned out but of course I can't say anything at this point..

I was originally going to go for a male lead character but I thought I might try out a chick for a change! If you're wondering what's with the hair, the idea is.. The angrier and more aggressive she is, the longer her hair and more dangerous she gets ;) When she's normal she actually will have really short stylish hair, like Rihanna haha!

I really want to give this whole comic idea a dark, gothic kind of feel but with a strong hero kind of story! Kind of like the way Spider-man 3 The Movie turned out ;)

Anyways enjoy
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Darkness vs. Light. It has been a struggle that has been a constant from behind the scenes in our world. It is the driving force of morality in our hearts; telling us whether or not something is right or wrong, it is the force that compels one to save a life or they could take a life. Both forces have many strengths and many weaknesses when either exposed to each others element or during the endeavors of the user or even the very landscape or area itself. One important factor is that one should never, under any circumstance, completely assimilate one pure entity of darkness or light. With such a completely powerful energy and force lurking within the mind and body of an individual, it is quick to corrupt and manipulate the mind and body of those unfortunate enough to use it. They would become a slave to their own power; a puppet of sorts with no will of their own. Their existence and purpose is only to satiate their destructive needs regardless of their alignment or affiliation. Doomed to destroy and never create, the entity will haunt the universe for new prey, doing whatever it can to make itself feel complete.

Following the many eye-popping images in Patrick Brown's gallery, the picture gives off an incredible sense of dynamic movement. It almost appears as if you can watch the menacing wails of the winds as they are whipped about the female subject as her powers of shadows and darkness collect around her as if she were a localized black hole. The female subject alone is layered in beautiful modeling and design style. Her body has a bright, yet ominous glow about her as she floats before the scene gathering energy within her in order to unleash her wrath upon any unsuspecting targets within her vicinity. It really gives that familiar levels of atmospheric tension that the menacing figure that a character can generate simply by their presence.

However, I have one issue with this piece. As with your Farewell Charmaine piece, the lighting could use a bit of tweaking. The collected light sources around her wrists should be resonating a bit more light around the subjects body as well as casting a more prominent shadow effect around her body. As good as the piece looks, its surprising how a simple alteration to lighting can really drop some of the atmospheric tension that was established from the beginning. Try giving the lighting a few alterations and I'm sure the piece will become even more stellar than it was before.

With a slight fault, that doesn't make the picture a failure. No, not by a long shot. There is still wonderful that has been done on the character design and the various darkened colors really add more to the whole darkness theme. Excellent work man. :clap:
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Hi Patrick…

Huge fan man…Firstly I'ma say I dig your work dude and I don't mean that to precede the horrible things I'ma say next - about your piece - but since the point of any critique is either to be positive or negative I will try and be as fair as possible despite being biased about your other work cause I love it. Albeit, I hope don't lose my my objectivity in the process.

Secondly I'ma say: "Do your own thing!" Mr Brown especially if it works for you…

I'm in South Africa, but I'm pretty sure its safe to say hair is something women all over the world can relate to, understand and are sometimes sensitive about - especially if it goes unnoticed. I therefore feel the whole growing hair thing is quite intuitive (as in WOW excellent idea, where did you get it). It sounds and looks original to me. I however think if it's gonna work it should perhaps include a second dimension to growing long or short as the case may be. I think her hair should change COLOUR to represent her mood… We all know women have them. Red can mean danger (run, if you know what's good for you), but it could also mean passion (sexy, better hold her tonight), or she could be fearful (blonde/yellow). Imagine if every time her hair becomes black, somebody dies. Just think. I don't know how you imagine her, but thats just my idea for her. I mean anything is possible as long as you can objectify it right. Maybe her hair has a mind of it's own and controls her; who KNOWS except you Mr brown…

As for your artistic style, I'm not gonna tell you how to do your thing man. I already know how hard it is to first of all illustrate from memory, imagination or inspiration and then ink it, colour it, light it and then wait for somebody to write a critiqué after you've uploaded it… All I can say is "You're braver than billions, more dedicated than most and obviously love what you do, despite the attention! You need to stop doing it for a hobby and giving us the wrong impression that it's easy, lol

But without reserve I'm reiterate what I feel will work for you best! "Stick to your gut" nobody can really tell you how or what you want to achieve…

So can I get to the part where I break you down till you're dust and tell you how pathetic you are, lol:

"The only thing I seem to have a problem with, respecting this piece is it's not descriptive enough of what she can do… I get the light effects on the hands. They probably mean she understands the art of telekinesis (moving the physical universe with the power of the mind) BUT Patrick (and this is a big but): 'To what extent does she hold or wield such power?'"
Thats what I and many a other people who love your work really really wanna know - or better still - can't wait to see… So please put her in context so we can see the full extent of her "darkness"!

May I also add, that I think she has as much potential as her male counterpart to be your lead character. Apart from that I also feel it would be interesting for you, and your fans to see you to write for a gender that you're not, and despite it's challenges - it would admittedly represent an unequivocal development of you as an artist to write from the female point of view. That being said, I respect your talent…

Big up!
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Hey I'm puting together a tean of superheros can you do me a favor and draw them in your style the name of the team is the superhero syndicate and can I add your character if it's cool?
IrisMoon1015 Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
very nice great work
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Powerful women characters rock, she looks devastating..
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I just saw one of your tutorials on youtube, and man it helped me a lot and most of all it inspired me to push myself to the limits, though I'm way too far to do something like this..^^ thanks for sharing your knowledge man.. keep it up
lex0the0fire0witch Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2012
i love it !! honestly
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