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March 30, 2012
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Ace Ventura by PatrickBrown Ace Ventura by PatrickBrown
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I love a good Jim Carrey movie, and lately me and my girlfriend thought we'd watch Ace Ventura again, just for a laugh. I forgot how good it was :D "LIKE A GLOVE!!!"

Anyways I'm still trying to get this new technique to a good stage, my Uncharted 3 pic is still on hold but only because I can't decide if I want to use this kind of thing for detailing or my usual style.. I'm thinking this but with my usual thick outlines to give it that edgy feel.

Enjoy :woohoo:
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They say that a picture is worth a thousand words; this drawing and digital drawing is worth more than a thousand words. The amount of detail in not only capturing the joyous and friendly nature of Jim Carrey, but also the facial composition and overall complexity is simply breathtaking, something that most artists struggle to accomplish in their drawings. Everything just fits in with the original Ace Ventura in this drawing, from his attire and the hair style used in the movie, to the wacky, yet hysterical look on Jim Carrey's face. As a fellow follower of your work, this is simply your best work thus far. And, should anyone disagree, we should all say:

"Nonsense, Poopypants!"
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Very well done caricature portrait. Nice and painterly with great colors. It also has a good contrast of styles, with the face and hair being painted with a tighter style, while the shirt remains in a loose, almost incomplete state.

The likeness is almost spot-on, but with a few inaccuracies to make him look slightly off. Look at photos of Ace Ventura and Jim Carrey, I think your eyes may be a bit too spread apart. In addition to that, his eye areas, sockets, eyebrows and all could stand to be moved down a bit, accentuating Ace's big forehead. Another minor gripe for me, is that you could add some color into the background, maybe a reddish orange, or even a green, to compliment the blue of his shirt?

But overall, very nice piece!
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ahah EPIC!!
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My hero
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AGAIN... MOAR WIN. Lol Love Jim, and Love your work dude... you really inspire me!
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Yes! Yes! Oh, yeah! Can ya feel that, buddy?! Huh?! Huh?! Huh?! the best drawing of Ace Ventrua I've ever seen. Much better than the cartoon Ace.
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Rolling on the floor laughing. ROFL. Not kidding.
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Thumbs UP!
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the shirt is like of Tommy Vercetti :)
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